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About Us


Environmental Profile

I. Main Buildings

  • Research Building

    Research Building

    CGS' primary administration and office building is a seven-floor (six above the ground and one below the ground) building made of reinforcing bars and cements.

  • Core Laboratory

    Core Laboratory

    Core Laboratory was built in 1997 for the implementation of "Groundwater Monitoring Network Plan, Taiwan". It now has the core drill data of entire Taiwan.

II. Collections of Geological Data

  • Library


    CGS has specially established a geology library to collect and maintain geological data. Not only can our library collections be dated back to the periods of Bureau of Productive Industries, Government-General of Taiwan (Japanese domination) and Taiwan Provincial Central Geological Survey, but also we have exchanged hundreds of books and periodicals with domestic and foreign organizations and agencies in the field. We are the country’s No.1 library with respect to the volume of geological data.

  • Core Sample Rack

    Core Sample Rack

    The racks are used to store core samples obtained in CGS’ major geological drilling engineering projects.
    (photo: core sample racks inside the Core Laboratory, photographed by: Lu Wan-Chung/ May 27, 2002)