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Responsibility and Business

The CGS categorizes its business into three fields, i.e., fundamental geology, resource geology and geological hazards. They include every aspect of geology, such as geological mapping and scientific exploration of mineral, energy, hydrology, active fault, volcano, environmental engineering, and landslide.

In response to the needs of national development and environmental change, the CGS had been promoting geological legislation since early 1990s. The national Geological Act was passed in 2010. This Act is enacted to improve the geological survey system, to effectively manage geological data of national land, and to establish basic geological information related to changes in the nation's environment and to land resources management. This Act is world-leading in regulating geologically sensitive areas (GSAs).

Current geological business in CGS.

I. Research and development of basic geological sciences.

II. Planning in the development of geological affairs.

III. Geological survey and compilation of geological map sheets.

IV. Investigation of engineering and environmental geology.

V. Investigation on hydrogeology and groundwater.

VI. Investigation of mineral resources.

VII. Investigations on marine geology and marine resources exploration.

VIII. Investigations on landslides, land subsidence, earth changes, coastline changes, active faults, earthquakes, volcanoes, and other geological hazards.

IX. Discussions on national geological and resources exploration and construction engineering geology.

X. Collection, analysis and management of geological data, samples, and borehole cores.

XI. Editing and Publication of geological reports.

XII. Promoting international cooperation in geological technologies.

XIII. Drafting and promoting geological laws and regulations.

XIV. Management of applied geological engineers, and geological affairs related to drilling.

XV. Promoting geology-related education and inquiry services

XVI. Other geology-related affairs.