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Director General

Director Shuhjong Tsao


Tsao Shuhjong 


Inauguration Speach

First of all, I’m really grateful to Wen-Sheng, Tseng, the Deputy Minster of Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C, for taking time out of busy schedule to be the supervisor of this inauguration ceremony. I would also appreciate the affirmation of the Minister and Deputy Minister of Ministry of Economic Affairs for kindly promoting me to be the director-general of Central Geological Survey, MOEA (CGS)

CGS has made brilliant achievements in terms of geological investigations and researches in the past four decades. Many retired employees are still respected among geoscience community. From now on, CGS will not only keep the professional spirit to do geological surveys and scientific researches but also emphasize the role as public servant to serve the government and the citizens. Furthermore, we shall transform the joy and achievement of scientific research to the responsibility and value for the society.

Last year was the 20th anniversary of the 921 earthquake and the 10th anniversary of Typhoon Morakot. In addition, the "Geological Law" has been promulgated for nearly ten years. At this special moment, society’s demand for geological information such as active fault distribution, soil liquefaction areas and volcano observations is increasing. Now, all this information must be disclosed to the public in accordance with the "Regulations for the Release of Potential Disaster Data." In addition, landslide data is also important information in disaster reduction decisions. Moreover, the survey results of geological resources and various geological maps are the basis for the rational use of land and the safety of engineering construction.

As employees of an enterprise, they should do their best to seek the best interests for the enterprise and all its shareholders. Therefore, as civil servants, we should do the same to seek the best interests for the government, ministry and all taxpayers. Specifically, we should create the greatest social value and benefits of geological products.

I expect all the colleagues could take the act the government do for the covid-19 epidemic prevention as the role model, being active and innovative to face the challenge of environmental changes and meet the social expectations.

In the end, I wish everything of our Ministry goes well so that our economics will growing more prosperous and all the best to our dearest guests and all colleagues!


Future Vision

The role CGS plays will be not only a data producer but also a geological data applications instructor. We shall set up the standard operation systems to improve geological data quality, identify the user requirements, making sure the data is interpreted and utilized appropriately.

In order to make geological datas widely applied to all aspects of the society, CGS propose our future “Golden Circle”—“Vision”(inner circle), “Mission”(middle circle), “Goal”(outer circle) and “Core Value”— as follows:

Vision: Every national could live safely, every inch of land in Taiwan could be used rationally.

Mission: Building full geological database as the foundation stone of economic construction as well as sustainable environment. Besides, playing the role as the communication platform between the government and citizens.

Goal: Establishing geological survey regulations, managing geological datas effectively, building geological information database of environmental changes and resources management of Taiwan. 

         Core Value: Being innovative, progressive, multi-adaptive and willing to serve the society.