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Activities and Programs


Geological Information Service

The CGS has made great efforts to publish its research and investigation results available to the public for geological literacy and for various engineering, social and economic developments. In recent years, the CGS have undertaken a series of projects to establish an interactive knowledge network and cloud environment, and therefore proactively opened national geological data for better service.

The service includes:​

  • Publishing geological research and analysis results for the public in various forms, such as booklets, videos and pamphlets
  • Promoting geological education through extension activities
  • Constructing and disclosing geological information through various platforms

I. Publishing and Educational Materials

The CGS turns most of its research results into papers or the electronic form of publications to communicate to decision makers and the general public. Some are even translated for audience of popular science and technology. Through multi-media, the geological knowledge could be enjoyed by the public and geological literacy can be improved.

The types of publication and educational materials include:

  1. Maps: geological maps of Taiwan, regional geological maps, etc.
  2. Books and journals: annual reports, bulletins, geological quarterly (Geology) and its special edition, special series, proceedings, pamphlets, manuals, etc.
  3. Multi-media: videos, interactive games, simulating models, etc.
  4. Others: Calendars, cards, posters, creative products, etc.

II. Development of Geological Education

The CGS has set up a management-service interface for geological books, specimens, cores and other physical materials. In addition, under the Article 19 of the Geological Act, a project for promoting geological education has been launched since 2002. This project combines the national law of environmental education and establishes various new types of geological information service model to achieve the goal of "building a society with good geological literacy and establishing geological living sphere".

Two major ways of promoting geological education are:

  1. Basic information service: opening the geological library, core library, laboratory, geological museum of the CSG to the public.
  2. Mobile information service: building transdisciplinary cooperation and providing consultation of geological knowledge to all schools, institutions and communities to enhance geological literacy for a resilient society.

III. Establishing Open Geological Databank

The CGS integrates technologies of high-performance computing, databank, geographical information and high speed internet to provide digitized geological information for the public. In recent years, the advancement of cloud management technology has further strengthened the integration of geological data, knowledge and information.

Relevant outreach activities include:

  1. Optimizing the geological administrative system and expanding the geological spatial database.
  2. Designing visual features to present easily understood geological information.
  3. Advancing open geological data by utilizing Websites, APPs, and online social media communities (e. g., Facebook) to improve smart management, positioning, and decision making for better service.
  4. Collecting of borehole information from engineering geological investigations in Taiwan, and establish integrated geological information systems.
  5. Implementing extension programs of geological training courses for the public to have good use of geological information.