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Welcome to the「Central Geological Survey, MOEA.」Feedback,f you need any questions or suggestions from the Central Geological Survey, MOEA. (MOEACGS.), please provide your valuable advice; to avoid wasting administrative resources Please be sure to read the following instructions carefully and then submit the book.

Feedback Processing Principles

  1. According to Article 173 of the Administrative Procedure Law, if the people's sentiment case has one of the following circumstances, this Council will not handle it:
    1. No specific content or no real name and address.
    2. The same matter, after being properly dealt with, and has been clearly answered, but still repeatedly.
    3. The organ that is not in charge of the content of the case has received the affair from the lover to the authorities.
  2. The MOEACGS's mailbox confirmation application system will be sent to the applicant's e-mail address. After the comments are completed, the system will automatically send a confirmation letter to your e-mail address. Please click the “confirmation link” in the confirmation letter to confirm the action. The case will be officially discharged into the acceptance process.
  3. In response to the implementation of the Personal Data Protection Act of October 1, 101, this letter will not be used by others for your personal use without your consent. However, based on the statutory duties and professional division of labor, the mailbox will receive your e-mail address. If the circumstances are not within the scope of the department's powers and responsibilities, it will be transferred to the competent ministry (organization) for processing and response, so your Personal basic information (such as name, contact number, mobile phone number, e-mail address, etc.) will be transferred to the competent department (institution) along with the contents of the e-mail.
  4. If you have any other related questions, please call :02-2946-2793 and Serve you by someone.

Feedback Process

  • Public message
  • System sent confirmation letter
  • People complete the confirmation letter
  • Case assignment
  • Authorized unit to handle
  • Reply to the people
  • File summary