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Amendment of Geologically Sensitive Area with Landslide (L0004 Chiayi County and Chiayi City), (L0006 Kaohsiung City) Revealed

    The Ministry of Economic Affairs has successively carried out investigations and delineation of geologically sensitive areas on both historic and recent landslide data since 2014. Due to the new evidence was discovered from recent landslide and Taiwan high resolution DEM data derived from Airborne LiDAR, “Geologically Sensitive Area with Landslide (L0004 Chiayi County and Chiayi City)” and “Geologically Sensitive Area with Landslide (L0006 Kaohsiung City)” are amended now. The amended areas are increased 44.67 km2 involving in 10 administrative districts in Chiayi County and Chiayi City; besides, the amended areas are increased 91.85 km2 involving in 20 administrative districts in Kaohsiung City.

    Geologically sensitive area is an important reference guide for land development, disaster prevention and environmental conservation. The purpose of the announcement is to allow all sectors of society to understand the geological environment of the land in advance, conduct site geological surveys and geological safety assessments of the geologically sensitive area bases before land development, and plan and develop according to local conditions, to improve the rationality and safety of land use, and reduce the possibility of future disasters and losses.

    Associated documents of geologically sensitive area contains information about the topography and strata properties in the geologically sensitive area. People who are interested may visit the geological law section on the official website of the Central Geological Survey (https://www. moeacgs.gov.tw/Laws/) to read and download.


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