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What's New


2022 International Webinar Series on Geosciences Forum

Dear colleague,

We are pleased to invite you to the 2022 International Webinar Series on Geosciences Forum, which will be held on-line conference monthly fixed as scheduled. The Virtual Seminar Series will be running online via Google Meet. Further details are shown below:

3/21 10:00~11:00 AM
          Origin of continents: Island Arc Models vs. Oceanic Plateau Models
          Prof. Guochun Zhao (The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong)

4/25 9:00~10:00 AM
          In Search of Supercontinents: Linking Paleomagnetism and Geochronology     
          Prof. Joseph Meert (University of Florida, USA)

5/16 9:00-10:00AM
          Biogeodynamics: A New Transdisciplinary Fieldcontinental growth
          Prof. Robert Stern (The University of Texas at Dallas, USA)

5/30 19:00~20:00 PM
          Prof. Renata Schmitt (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

To join the meeting, please register in the following link:

※ Please note that the time schedule is given in local time in Taiwan. Please register in advance. A confirmation email will be sent to you 3 days before the event if your registration is successful. You will receive the online meeting room link in the confirmation email.