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Is the Shoufeng earthquake on April 18, 2021 related to known Active Faults?

In the Hualien area, an ML 6.2 earthquake occurred at April 18, 2021, 10:14 PM.

The strongest earthquake intensity occurred in Hualien and Nantou areas, ranging from 6 weak to 4.  The epicenter was located in Shoufeng Township, Hualien County, and which was about 5.1 kilometers western of the Lingding Fault.  This earthquake is not caused by an announced activity fault.

Hualien is the area where the Philippine Sea plate subduction downward to the Eurasian plate, the fault in the eastern part of Taiwan that is closer to the earthquake from north to south, there are Milun fault, Lingding fault and Rueyshui fault.  The geologically sensitive areas related to the above faults have already been delineated and announced by MOEA.

Based on earthquake and focal-mechanism solution data, a thrust fault with a northeast-southwest trend, dipping to the northwest or southeast is determined.  Probably this earthquake is caused by a deep underground fault at the intersection of the Central Mountain Range and the Huadong Valley.

The survey results show that only the riverbed of Hualien Creek near the epicenter is liquefied, and part of the building structure of Shuilian Elementary School was affected.

The geological structure that triggered the earthquake and the deformation did not affect the ground surface.  Liquefaction and structural damage are caused by strong shaking of seismic waves.  We have completed the "20210418 Shoufeng Earthquake Geological Survey Report", published on "Taiwan Active Fault" website (https://fault.moeacgs.gov.tw/MgFault/) and available for free download.


Spokesman of the Central Geological Survey of Ministry of Economic Affairs:

Deputy Director Wang, Yunshuen
Contact number: (02)29429306
Email address: wangys@moeacgs.gov.tw

Contact: Section Chief Lin, Chii-Wen,
Contact number: (02)29462793 ext. 251
Email address: lincw@moeacgs.gov.tw