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Visit the tour booking application

To ensure the quality of your visit to CGS, please pay attention to the following notice related to the reservation and guide tour:

CGS operates from Monday to Friday (9 am to 5 pm). Please submit your application seven days prior to the visit day. In case of desiring to change or cancel the visit, please notify us three days prior to your visit by telephone. Upon completion of your application, please contact us to reconfirm your application by dialing our service line: +886-2-29462793 ext. 666, 254 or 269.

※ Fields marked with “★” must be filled in. Please fill in related information properly!

  • RequiredName of Applicant Unit

    Example:Central Geological Survey, MOEA.

  • RequiredNumber of visitors

    Example: 10 people/ 9 first-year university students and 1 teacher

  • RequiredNature of Applicant Unit
    choose the nature of applicant unit
  • RequiredName/ Job Title of the Leader or Representative

    Example: Li Hsiao-Ming/ Principal

  • RequiredName/ Job Title of the Applicant Unit’s Contact Window

    Example: Wang Da-Ming/ Teacher

  • RequiredTelephone of the Applicant Unit’s Contact Number (Fixed Phone)

    Example: 02-2946-2793 Ext. 666

  • RequiredApplicant Unit’s Contact Number (Mobile Phone)

    The mobile phone number that can be used to contact the visitor(s) on the visit day – Example: 0912-345678

  • RequiredE-mail

    Upon completion of the reservation, an e-mail will be sent out for confirmation.

  • RequiredTour Guide Selection
  • RequiredWhether a letter has been issued for the application
    >Whether a letter has been issued for the application
  • RequiredReserve a Visit Date
  • RequiredReserved Tour Guide Hours

    The opening hours are “Mondays to Fridays from 9am to 5pm”. Example: 9am to 12pm, 1:30pm to 5pm.

  • Notes

    Please fill in your special needs, if any.

  • RequiredValidation Code

    Please enter the graphic verification code below