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Bilingual Glossary

英文 (English)中文 (Chinese)
geological hazard appraisal(s) 地質災害鑑定
the raw geological data 原始地質資料
geological education 地質教育
the date for the enforcement of this Act 本法施行日期
Regulations for the Delineation, Amendment and Revocation of Geologically Sensitive Area Status 地質敏感區劃定變更及廢止辦法
Regulations for the Organization and Functioning of the Geologically Sensitive Area Review Committee 地質敏感區審議會組織及運作辦法
Regulations for Site Survey and Safety Assessment of Geologically Sensitive Areas 地質敏感區基地地質調查及地質安全評估作業準則
Definition of Major Public Construction Projects Under the Geology Act 地質法重大公共建設之定義
Regulations for Entrusting the Surveys and Appraisals of Geological Hazards 地質災害委託調查及鑑定辦法
Regulations for the Collection and Management of Geological Data 地質資料蒐集管理辦法
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