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What is clay mineral?

Clay mineral is mineralogically known as a type of layered silicate mineral. As it is ubiquitous in clay, clay mineral group refers to a mineral group that is often presented in the dimension of clay particles. Besides, this type of mineral group commonly carries surface charges that can cement other mineral particles and create soil aggregates. In industrial applications, the said feature is also well used to make clay particles a catalyzer. The basic building blocks of clay minerals are the tetrahedral layer and the octahedral layer, which can be used to divide clay minerals into Types 1:1, 2:1 and 2:2. Type 1:1 clay minerals include kaolinite clay materials; Type 2:1 clay minerals include pyrophyllite- talc, montmorillonite, vermiculite and mica clay minerals; and Type 2:2 clay minerals include chlorite clay minerals.

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