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Please describe the difference and similarity between few types of pillow lava observed in Taiwan.

1. Definition of pillow lava: When the lava flow pours into water or explodes beneath the surface of water, it will rapidly cool down and produce a type of circular or elliptical mass, which is known as pillow lava. As the lava flow cools rapidly in water in this case, most of pillow lava has a glass rind. Besides, most of pillow lava has a round top and pointed bottom, which can be used to determine the up and down direction of stratum.

2. Distribution of pillow lava in Taiwan: Taiwan’s pillow lava can be divided into: (1) andesitic lava, which is distributed in, for example, Lehe River of Eastern Taiwan; and (2) basalt lava, which is distributed in Tienkuang in southern Coastal Mountain Range and Paolai located in Southern Cross-Island Highway.

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