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Which jobs I can take if I decide to study Department of Geology?

I am a third-year senior high school student and will take the General Scholastic Ability Test (GSAT) next year. I am interested in Earth Sciences and would like to know which jobs I can take if I decide to study Department of Geology. Thank you.

Hello. We suggest that you can use CGS’s online resources to have a brief understanding about Department of Geology. Please go the CGS official website; select “Related Websites”, “Academic Research” and then “Related Departments/ Faculties”. This section offers you direct links to universities with geology related departments/ faculties, from which you will find information about academic research, courses and teaching resources thereof. Besides, the introductory statements of each school’s department/ faculty, teaching and research will give you an insight into geology.

With respect to geology related career opportunities, you will find related positions in both public and private organizations. For example, CGS and Bureau of Mine offer public officer positions. By joining CGS, you can engage in geological surveys of Taiwan. Also, you can enter a private engineering consulting company, become a teacher or pursue your PhD studies in order to teach at university. All of these are future career possibilities for you if you decide to study geology.