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Responsibility and Performation
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Publication of 1:50,000 geologic map
Publication of 1:50,000 geologic map sheets is a long term project of CGS
The Central Geological Survey, aiming to provide important basic geoscience information and lend support to the nation's economic development and major construction projects, performs the following duties:
  1. Compilation of 1:50,000 geologic map sheets for the whole territory of Taiwan.
  2. Compilation of 1:500,000 geologic map, tectonic map, active fault map, and metamorphic facies map of Taiwan.
  3. Compilation of 1:100,000 geologic map and hydrogeologic map for certain parts of Taiwan.
  4. Investigation of engineering geology and construction materials for highways, railways, dam sites, reservoirs, and urban development projects.
  5. Investigation of active faults, earthquake disasters, volcanic activities, land creep, slides, and subsidence.
  6. Regional geologic surveys and studies of structural geology, stratigraphy, paleontology, and sedimentary basins.
  7. Mineralogic and petrologic studies; survey of mineral and geothermal resources; geochemical analyses and age dating.
  8. Investigation of groundwater and hydrogeology.
  9. Collection and processing of geologic data; publication of official journals and technical reports.
  10. Collection and exhibition of rock specimens, minerals, and fossils.
  11. Communication and cooperation with other geological organizations, both domestic and international.
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