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:::Basic Studies On Geological Investigations
A. Regional Geological Investigations B. Mineralogical and Petrological Investigations C. Establishing and Maintenance of Geological Information D. Planning and Control of Geologic Services E. Topographical and Geological Monitoring Study
B. Mineralogical and Petrological Investigations
(1) Information on Minerals of Taiwan, Collection, compilation and editing-an entrust project
Researchers, experts of the field and hobbyists alike who made an attempt in trying to secure some information on minerals from Taiwan are confronted by the unpleasant surprise that such information though may exist, is scattered in a vast variety of text-books, journals, magazines, that span time and space for the past several decades in Taiwan. The situation is trying, if not discouraging, to mineralogical researches. A new project tailored to relieve researcher's onus and to facilitate reference in mineralogy, was proposed and granted. The main purpose of the project is in compiling and editing of existing information on minerals in Taiwan. The collected information will be classified according to the composition of the minerals. Brief descriptions concerning characteristics of the mineral, its occurrence and the geologic conditions, and source of the information will be presented. The search is intended to be exhaustive and all-embracing with full references, rendering the compilation a definitive reference tool book. The project was granted to Professor Liu Deh Ching, and Professor Pei-Yuan Cheng, Department of Geosciences, National Taiwan Normal University, and Dr. Huang Yi Tsen, Research Associate, Institute of Earth Sciences, Academia Sinica. The duration of the research program will be one year. The total number of minerals referred is 245, belonging to 8 classes.
(2) Re-establishing the Thin-Section Preparation Laboratory
The thin-section preparation laboratory was re-established by the Regional Geology Division. The thin-sectioning machine is a British made Logitech LP50 auto-thin-sectioning machine. This precision machine can precisely perform the part of thin-section preparation that used to be conducted by human hands. To enable complete, thorough automation in thin-section preparation, some supportive peripheral equipment was renewed or changed. The laboratory was re-appointed under instruction of the laboratory technician. The completed laboratory will be able to provide researchers with high calibre petrologic or mineralogic thin sections that are prepared in one complete run through the program.

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