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:::Basic Studies On Geological Investigations
A. Regional Geological Investigations B. Mineralogical and Petrological Investigations C. Establishing and Maintenance of Geological Information D. Planning and Control of Geologic Services E. Topographical and Geological Monitoring Study
C. Establishing and Maintenance of Geological Information
(1) Library text acquisition and management
In the current fiscal year 1,240 copies of books were added to the library collection. Of this number 181 were acquired through purchasing, 450 were periodicals, of which 190 were through direct subscription. In data filing, 2,477 files had been established, inclusive of past, existing files. Counts on book-signing out and returning amounted to 674. Inter-library Xeroxing totalled 182 jobs. The library is currently undergoing automation enhancement.
(2) Information system on Taiwan geologic references
For the present fiscal year 1,000 new data had been added to the system, and 80% of quality management on back-tracking of catalogues were completed. The Project "Data Bank on Imagery Files on Taiwan Geological Documents and a Reference-Retrieval System, 1/3" is under execution. For the fiscal year, 113,703 pages of documents were scanned, the Contractor submitted Tiff and PDF files and a retrieval system for "Service Net on Taiwan Geologic Knowledge". A preliminary exhibition on this system as well as a public exhibition on work results was held during the fiscal year.
(3) Management System for Topographic Map Sheets
A computer program for transferring catalogue Excel files was completed. The Excel data files were categorically transferred to GIS data bank. Total transference was 12,000 catalogues.
(4) Public Services
Recording and filing of questionnaire from the general public continued. Between January 1, 2001 and December 31, 2001 185 questionnaire were entered.
(5) Publication of investigation and study results
Periodicals published by the Central Geological Survey included 2001 Annual Report of the Central Geological Survey, MOEA; Bulletin No. 15 of the Central Geological Survey; "Ti-Chi" No. 2 of Volume 21; Explanatory Text to 1:50,000 Chungli Geological Map Sheet, 2nd ed.; and Explanatory Text to 1:50,000 Wusheh Geological Map Sheet, 8,298 copies were issued through postal mail.
(6) Collect and display of geologic specimens and management
In the current year 611 visitors visited the geologic display room. Six new cartons of specimens were added to the current collection.

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