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:::Basic Studies On Geological Investigations
A. Regional Geological Investigations B. Mineralogical and Petrological Investigations C. Establishing and Maintenance of Geological Information D. Planning and Control of Geologic Services E. Topographical and Geological Monitoring Study
D. Planning and Control of Geologic Services
(1) Summary of works for fiscal year 2002
1. Administrative policy, administrative plan, compilation, managing and assessment of administrative results.
2. Examination and control of contract projects, mid-term and year-end briefing sessions and result assessment of contract projects.
3. Lecturing visits and tours by experts and scholars.
4. Host annual result briefings and business assessment meetings.
(2) Drafting of "Daughter Laws" of Geologic Laws
On March 15, 2002, the Executive Yuan made a request to the Legislative Yuan to examine and approve the "Draft to Geological Laws". On April 11th 2002 the draft was approved following a first reading by the Committee on Economic and Energy Resources during the 1st meeting of the 5th Session of the Executive Yuan. The Geologic Laws is now listed among drafts that have a higher priority in being examine for approval before enacted as law. In preparation for the approval after the third reading, the daughter laws should be well drawn up and defined before it becomes laws for exercise and enforcement. The Planning Office, therefore invited experts who are well versed in geological legal aspects to partake in drawing up the draft for the daughter laws of the geological laws. In the event that the geological laws is approved after the final reading, further discussions on revision of the draft of the daughter laws will be conducted. The revised draft of the daughter laws will furnish the legal offices and authorities a basic, sound draft for legalization and eventual enforcement.
(3) Proposed program for nation-wide geological surveying
The "Nation-wide geological surveying execution Plan" execution project includes three core-projects: "Nation-wide fundamental geological surveying", "National-wide natural resources geological surveying", and "Nation-wide active fault surveying". The main project had been examined and approved by the Executive Yuan. The project is specifically designed and drafted basing on specific geologic conditions of Taiwan, and the specific geological issues Taiwan is facing. This project forms the basic guideline for future project execution and administration for the Central Geological Survey. The execution of the project involves a rather wide cross-section of the Survey, thus a plan that integrates work power from the academic, professional, and general public for smooth cooperation and corporation, so much so that administration could move on effortlessly, through full length planning, term-wise execution, periodical review and checking, and adjusting scopes of work of the core-projects to meet the requirements that might arise. Also, the administration principles include establishing an instantaneously accessible information system and extension to informative resources and widening of user sector. All aspect of administrative consideration lies in smooth execution and successful completion of this major project.

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