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:::Geological Exploration Of Gas Hydrate Prospects Offshore Southwestern Taiwan
Gas hydrate consists of methane gas trapped inside cage-like crystal structures made up of water molecules. It formed at pressure higher than 50 atm and temperature lower than 7 oC, and widely distributed in the permafrost and offshore sediments. The reserve of world gas hydrate is huge and may play an important role in energy supply for 21 century.
Previous geophysical investigations indicate that gas hydrate widely occurred in the continental slope of the South China Sea and the accretionary wedge offshore southwestern Taiwan. A 4-year Gas hydrate exploration program conducted by the Central Geological Survey including geological investigation, geochemical exploration, geophysical surveys, and data bank establishment will be undertaken in that area. The objective of these studies is to map the regional gas hydrate distribution and to understand the geological and geochemical characteristics of the offshore southwestern Taiwan. Gas hydrate prospects will be selected for detailed investigation, drilling sites will be identified and studied, then drilling, coring and gas hydrate sampling will be carried out in the 4th year. The final purpose of this exploration program is to estimate the probable reserve and the possibility of future exploration and exploitation of the gas hydrate prospects offshore southwestern Taiwan.

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