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:::Monitoring and Investigation of the Specific Geohazards in the Metropolitan Taipei
A natural geohazard result from any geological process that causes casualties and the damage to human properties. The processes include volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, floods, landslides, coastal erosion, and surface collapse. However, the increase in human population promotes the influences of geohazards to human society. In Taiwan, the metropolitan Taipei, which includes Taipei city and county, Taoyuan county, and Keelung city, already has a population of over 8 millions and has been highly developed. A long-term program of investigation and monitoring for geohazards becomes necessary.
The Taipei basin, which has been highly urbanized and is the main resident area for the most of 8 millions people, is bounded by the Tatun Volcano Group to the north and the Sanjao Fault to the west. The Kueishan volcanic island locates at the offshore area of the Yilan Plain to the east of Taipei. According to the reported studies in helium isotopes, magma chambers are still active beneath Tatun Volcano Group and Kueishan volcanic island. In addition, many submarine active volcanoes that were distributed nearby Kueishan volcanic island has been identified recently. The Sanjao Fault has also been classified as an active normal fault, of which subsidence has been believed to play an important role in the formation of Taipei Basin. Therefore, the potential volcanism and latent fault movement may become serious problems to this region of dense population.
"Monitoring and Investigation of the Specific Geohazards in the Metropolitan Taipei" is a four-year's program started from 2003. It has three main targets:Tatun Volcano Group, Sanjao Fault, and Kueishan volcanic island. Four major projects, based on methodology, are included in this program: "Subsurface Geology Investigation", "Geological and Geochemical Investigation and Monitoring for Volcanic Hazard", "Geophysical Investigation and Monitoring for Microearthquake, and "Geothermal Monitoring and Marine Volcanism Investigation". The main goals of this program are as followings.
1.Preparing geologic volcano hazard maps
2. Evaluating potential volcano activities.
3.Reconstructing eruptive history of volcanoes.
4.Evaluating seismicity of Sanjao Fault.
5.Investigating the spatial extent on surface of Sanjao Fault.
6.Establishing monitoring station of microearthquake and volcanic gas geochemistry.

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