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Earlier Geologic Maps of Taiwan
Geographic Setting
General Geology And Geologic Provinces Of Taiwan
Explanation Of Legend And Representation Of Geologic Data
Eastern Central Range
Western Central Range Backbone Ridges
Western Foothills
Eastern Coastal Range
Geology Of The Hengchun Peninsula
Major Geologic Features Of Taiwan
Plate Tectonic Setting

:::Eastern Coastal Range
General Description Stratigraphy and Lithology Geologic Structure Geologic History Longitudinal Valley of Eastern Taiwan
General Description
The Coastal Range lies between the Longitudinal Valley and the eastern coast of Taiwan. This range is about 135 kilometers long, a maximum of 10 kilometers wide, and only 3 kilometers wide at the northern and southern extremities. Two prominent southern offshore islands, Lutao and Lanhsu, are also included in this geologic province. In the plate tectonic model, the Coastal Range is the remnant of a westward-facing Neogene island arc, the Luzon Island Arc, on the leading edge of the Philippine Sea plate. The Coastal Range is thus considered the northern continuation of the Luzon Island Arc and the Luzon Trough to the south (Biq 1972a; Bowin et al., 1978; Chi et al., 1981).
The core of the Coastal Range and the two offshore islands are underlain by Miocene to Pliocene andesitic arc rocks. Overlying the volcanic series, the main part of the Coastal Range is composed of imbricate thrust sheets of Miocene, Pliocene, and Pleistocene volcanogenic and flyschoid rocks. In the classical geosynclinal model, the Coastal Range would be considered to be eugeosynclinal and this eugeosynclinal belt contrasts with the miogeosynclinal fold-and-thrust belt in western Taiwan in the predominance of typical flysch deposition and abundance of volcanogenic and volcaniclastic rocks.

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