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The Strategic Planning

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 The Central Geological Survey (CGS), under the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), is the only government agency responsible for geological surveys and geoscience research in Taiwan. Fundamental work carried out by the CGS includes geological surveys, research, and compilation of geological map sheets providing key geological information. The CGS is also involved in investigations with regard to environmental geology, hydrogeology, geological hazards, active faults, landslides, engineering geology, and mineral resources all of which are important to national economic development and major urban construction projects.


- Mission
  With its research activities supported by laboratories eq uipped with state-of-the-art precision instruments, the CGS embraces the missions of performing geological investigations across Taiwan and providing essential geoscience information in support of the nation's economic development and large-scale public construction and development projects.

- Organization
  The CGS was founded on November 20, 1978 to replace the Provincial Geological Survey of Taiwan as a full-fledged national agency specializing in geological survey with expanded capacity and enhanced functions. Since 2002, the CGS, under the leadership of its director and deputy director, has been conducting its planning, research and publication activities via the following six technical units: the Planning Office, Regional Geology Division, Active Tectonics Division, Environmental & Engineering Geology Division, Geological Resources Division, and Geological Information Division. Administrative support, on the other hand, relies on its Secretarial Office, Accounting Office, Personnel Office, and Civil Service Ethics Office.

- 2017 Budget
  The 2017 budget was estimated at NT$ 427.80million with geological research and public service activities accounting for 98.53% of the total budget.

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