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The Strategic Planning
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:::The Strategic Planning
Publication of 1:50,000 geologic map
Publication of 1:50,000 geologic map sheets is a long term project of CGS
To foster a better awareness of sustainable development, three major events were marked in 2009 to formulate and manage the mission of the CGS.

1. Integrated Formulation of Geological Assignment
The content of administrative planning and punishment/rewards management system includes reporting, hierarchical grading, formulating assignment planning, periodic inspection, progress control, verification reward and measure of punishment. In 2009, the nine (9) items in the administrative plan followed the regulations of the Committee of Economic Research and Development, Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), and Research Development and Evaluation Commission, Executive Yuan under the principles of simplified assignment procedures and monitoring the progress. Specially, there are two assigned projects, one is the geology investigation of flood-prone areas of upstream watersheds; the other is the investigation of sensitive geologic areas.

2. Legislation and Promotion of Geological Laws
Geological laws aim at establishing a national basic geological database, prevention and/ or mitigation of natural hazards, and reinforcing geological conservation. The CGS will persist in developing a legal foundation that will be most beneficial to our society in order to safeguard our citizens' lives and property and to ensure a sustainable development of the environment. The CGS will keep on pushing for the formulation of a set of geological laws whose successful enactment is envisaged in the coming assembly meeting of the Legislative Yuan.

The legislation and promotion of Geological Laws have been put forward by the CGS since 1996. On 1st January, 2004, the Geological Laws was read thrice but subsequently put into the agenda for discussion again by Legislative Yuan. Recently, a public hearing on the Geological Laws was held on 8th December, 2009 to acquire more opinions form various organizations and citizens, and try to anticipate the possible solution to meet the demands of the publics.

3. Administrative Innovations
The CGS is implementing administrative innovations which consist of the formulation of future development plans and providing assistance to monitor and standardize administrative policy and commissioned projects. They will facilitate the execution of the "Rewards and Punishment Management System", "Management of Specialized Projects", and various "Administrative Innovations" activities, thereby installing an instant response mechanism for an e-government, increasing efficiency and realizing various policies.

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