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The Strategic Planning

:::The Strategic Planning
Publication of 1:50,000 geologic map
Publication of 1:50,000 geologic map sheets is a long term project of CGS
  In 2017, twelve main administrative proj ects have been conducted to fulfill the CGS missions which include nationwide geological mapping, investigations of natural resources (mineral and groundwater), geological hazards investigations, and geological information service. 21 sub-proj ects have been launched to help accomplish the goals of the main administrative proj ects.

  In addition to conventional geological investigations, the Central Geological Survey has been promoting active cooperation with academic institutes, universities, engineering consultant companies, and other private-sector partners for utilizing advanced modern techniq ues and technologies, such as LiDAR (light detection and ranging), marine geophysical research, and airborne magnetic survey to improve both q ualities and q uantities of the results of the proj ects.

1. Geology Act
  The task of delineating and announcing geologically sensitive areas nationwide was completed in 2016. A new geologically sensitive area will be announced in appropriate time when necessary. In 2017, two geologically sensitive areas were announced. Together with those announced from 2014 to 2016, there are 56 known geologically sensitive areas in Taiwan to date.

2. Table 1 Delineation of Geologically Sensitive Areas: Major Achievements in 2017.
No. item 2017 Achievements
01 Delineation of Geo-heritage Geologically Sensitive Areas  With the proposals approved by the committee in 2017, one geoheritage geologically sensitive area was delineated: the sea platforms and tuff in Shitiping, Hualien County.
02 Delineation of Groundwater Re-charge Geologically sensitive Area  Continue to carry out and implement supplementary investigations on groundwater recharge areas, and review methods and procedures for the delineating task.
03 Delineation of Active Faults Geologically sensitive Areas  In compliance with the regulations stipulated in Geology Act, the delineation and announcement of Liuchia Fault active fault geologically sensitive areas were completed in 2017.
04 Delineation, Review and Confirmation of Landslide/Landslip Geologically sensitive Areas  Delineation of landslide-and-landslip geologically sensitive areas, (initiated in 2014 and completed in 2016). The first phase of the review, delineation, and announcement was completed for all the cities and counties in Taiwan. However, in response to the concerns of several government agencies, local governments, scholars, and experts that supporting measures of the project and cross-agency communication are in need of improvement before consensus can be reached, the guidelines for delineating landslide-and-landslip geologically sensitive areas will be comprehensively reviewed and amended in the next phase of the project. As a result, the CGS had dedicated itself in 2017 to reviewing related works completed in recent years and holding seminars and forums with scholars, experts, and technicians to help draft a comprehensive plan for the amendment of the guidelines and related provisions in Geology Act.

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