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:::Resources Geology
The use of natural resources has been an important factor in national economic and social development. In 2009, the CGS was especially dedicated to the development of two lines of research in this area: hydrogeology and gas hydrate prospecting.
A. Hydrogeological investigation and groundwater resources assessment plan in Taiwan

Groundwater resource protection is an emergency task for water resource conservation in Taiwan. Hydrogeological investigation, groundwater resource evaluation, groundwater recharge estimation, groundwater field experiment and monitoring are all important to protect the groundwater resources. CGS and the Water Resource Bureau began a 3 stage 17-year "Groundwater Monitoring Network Plan in Taiwan" in 1992. The main goal is to establish basic data on groundwater hydrology and hydrogeology in each ground water region of Taiwan. Nevertheless, to increase the accuracy of high groundwater recharge area assessment and recharge rate estimation, more hydrogeological information such as an aquifer storage coefficient and long term monitoring data of groundwater level and quality are necessary. Besides the date requirement , more research work such as groundwater level analysis, groundwater recharge potential assessment and groundwater model simulation are also essential.

The "Hydrogeological investigation and groundwater resources assessment plan in Taiwan" began in 2009 and will end in 2012. The main work and the major results in 2009 include:

-Establishing a standard procedure for groundwater recharge potential assessment.

-Sketching out the high groundwater recharge area in the Choshuichi groundwater basin.

-Completion of more hydrogeological investigations, included water quality and analysis pumping test and resistivity image profiling.

-Primary completion of a groundwater model simulation in the Choshuichi groundwater basin.

-Maintaining and updating the core data management system and hydrogeological database.

The result of this project can provide a basis to define a groundwater protection area and set up a controlling regulation for preventing groundwater and soil contamination in the protection area, and facilitate sustainable groundwater management.

B. Investigation and Evaluation of Gas Hydrate Resource Potential in the Offshore Area of Southwestern Taiwan
  Nearly 2,300 km of large-offset multi-channel seismic data were collected to image the deep crustal structure offshore southwestern Taiwan in 2009. Gas hydrate system analyses have been conducted for some of the proposed drilling sites to establish the gas hydrate geological model. Moreover, intensive investigations have been carried out in a selected prospect at the Good Weather Ridge. The surveys include deep-towed side-scan sonar and chirp sonar surveys, deep-towed camera images and heat flow measurements. Piston cored sediments and bottom water at the prospect have been sampled and analyzed. The results reveal a very high methane concentration and shallow sulfate/methane interface at some cored sediments from the southeast Good Weather Ridge. The images derived from the deep-towed surveys illustrate pockmarks, fluids/gases venting structures, chemosynthetic communities, and authigenic carbonate on the seafloor. These features indicate that active fluids/gases vents have developed in the area. The anomalous high heat absorption during heat flow measurement and negative temperature anomalies detected by an infrared camera may indicate the presence of near-surface gas hydrate. In addition to the field investigations, phase equilibrium of gas hydrate via experiment, theoretical modeling, and molecular simulations were studied. The results indicate that the addition of ethanol vapor in ice-seed method had a significant promotion effect on the gas hydrate formation.

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