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:::Geological Information Service
The function of CGS Information Management and Service section is to provide reliable and comprehensive geological publications and information for national and individual customer needs. There were a number of highlights in 2009.
A. Publication Production

The Publication Production section is responsible for the formal output of CGS publications: maps, books and reports. It is an important contributor for publishing digital data holdings, in particular the digital geological map of Taiwan. Publications production plays a major role in the advertisement and marketing of CGS and acts as an intermediary between geological investigations and the general public. The catalogue is accessible both on the Internet and in print copy. The formal output in 2009 included:

- Annual Report of the Central Geological Survey, 2008.
- Bulletin of the Central Geological Survey, number 22.
- Central Geological Survey Special Publication, number 22-23.
- Ti-Chi (the Journal of Geology), volume 28, no.1-4.
- Three Geological Map Sheets of Taiwan, 1/50,000 with Explanatory text: Suao (No.16, second edition), Xingcheng (no.28) and Zhongpu (no.45).

Sales is one of the key components in broadcasting the CGS's information and plays an active part in the publication process. A website for marketing, electronic papers for advertisement, abstract pages on-line for browsing were established to provide more channels of information to the customers. Publication sales of the fiscal year 2009 amounted to 120,000 copies.

B. Establishment and Management of Geological Information

This project is responsible for all activities related to the delivery of CGS data and information. These comprise a library service, the Taiwan Geoscience Portal, and geological specimen collection and exhibition service, etc. Key accomplishments in 2009 included:


The library service for geologists and the public has been maintained throughout the year. The library database in addition accumulated over 15,000 books, monographs, periodicals, maps and electronic resources.

- The Taiwan Geoscience Portal continued to operate its multiple services, and in addition accumulated over 15,000 citations, 124,000 document images. Achieving its objective, since 2002, this geological knowledge management system with its Internet webpage has attracted more than 11 million visitors between March 2003 and December 2009.
- The specimen collection and exhibition service provides a good way to promote policies and help people to develop interest in geological science. This year, there were about 660 visitors.
C. Geological Map and Data Management & Database Integrated Construction Project
  This subordinate project belongs to the Geologic Map and Challenge 2008/ e-Government/Open, Digitized Government Information/GIS Project. The aims of the project are digitization of geologic maps, collection of borehole information from engineering geological investigations in Taiwan and establishment of integrated geological information systems. In 2009 the project had been:
- Accumulated 33,902 boreholes / 1,243,545 meters totally.
- Held 23 training courses for popularization.
- Revised the data formats of digitization of geologic map.
- Coordinated with other subordinate projects of the Basic Environmental Database Bureau/ National GIS Project.
- Upgraded the version of engineering geological investigation software to "Geo2010" and promoted the system performance of the related website..
- Constructed the new Web-GIS Map Server, integrated and overlain with other subjects of geologic maps.
- Designed a new Geological Data Warehouse website homepage and search engine with a friendly interface.
- Constructed WMS-produced map server that offers services invoked by client applications and providing interactive controls.
D. Information Facilities and Resources

A comprehensive information and communication (I&C) protection mechanism with security perspective was established to assure the integrity and security of I&C infrastructures.

- To ensure continuity and quality of web services, we upgraded the bandwidth of GSN FTTB to 50 Mbps.
- Developed and implemented comprehensive SAN (Storage Area Network) base technology to improve system uptime and availability. -Established a secure wireless network.
- Planned 2 courses on information security training program.
- Established an Enterprise Information Portal (EIP) web service to provide an automatically official environment.
- Set up the Standard Operating Procedure (S.O.P.) for information and network management.
E. Customer Service

The public is encouraged to access the wealth of geological data collected by the CGS using traditional resources or more recent electronic media. In 2009, the services continued to improve. Currently the services include dealing with inquires about the library collection, specimen exhibition, telephone calls, faxes, official communications, website, online database, online Q & A system, data download system, and an online application system.

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