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:::Assigned Geological Investigation Project
In order to help our government confront more and more natural environmental challenges, the CGS are participating in special projects beyond original geological investigations. In 2009, there are two assigned projects: the geology investigation of flood-prone areas of upstream watershed, and the investigation of sensitive geology areas.
A. Geologic Investigation and Database Construction for Upstream Watershed of Flood-Prone Areas
  Inundation problems have increased in frequency and intensity in Taiwan. To reduce the social and economic effect of flooding damage and help preserve the environment, related investigations around upstream, midstream and downstream river basins were conducted. The "Geologic Investigation and Database Construction for the Upstream Watershed of Flood-Prone Area" project has 3 phases, the first phase from 2006 to 2007, the second phase from 2008 to 2010, and the third phase from 2011 to 2013. It includes 5 subprojects. The following are the descriptions of each subproject for 2009 of the second phase (from 2008 to 2010). The project studies watershed units and includes 5 major initiatives: (1) Geological Investigation, Landslide-Debris Flow Investigation and Their Suscepitability Evaluation in the Watershed Area; (2) Investigation and Evaluation of Erosion and Sedimentation in the Watershed Area; (3) Investigation and Evaluation of the Effect of Hydrogeology on Slope Stability in the Watershed Area; (4) Geomorphological and Geological Database Construction for the Watershed Area, and (5) Research on Application of the Investigation Results for the Upstream Watershed of Flood-Prone Areas.
The database will be incorporated into the current WRA database. In addition, the data will also be compatible to the national 10-year GIS database system. It is expected that this project can expedite flood management and flood prevention in flood-prone areas and promote the National Land Restoration and Conservation Action Plan. The investigated and study areas were the watersheds of the Kaoping, Donggang, and Jhihben Rivers.
B. Investigation and Analysis for Geologically Sensitive Area in National Preservation Domain Program

In 2009, Typhoon Morakot battered Taiwan and left dozens of villages deluged as a result of flooding. Severe landslides and debris flow might cause still more damage annually in the future. This program is a 4-year plan (2009-2012), focusing on the investigation and analysis of geologically sensitive areas in Taiwan, in order to establish a digital elevation model of slope hazard using the LiDAR technique. This model will be used for geological property analysis, geological hazard potential estimation, identification of geologically sensitive areas and property drainage analysis, etc. This project will also establish a highly accurate digital data supply system for use in the management of land and water conservation in Taiwan.

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