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Earlier Geologic Maps of Taiwan
Geographic Setting
General Geology And Geologic Provinces Of Taiwan
Explanation Of Legend And Representation Of Geologic Data
Eastern Central Range
Western Central Range Backbone Ridges
Western Foothills
Eastern Coastal Range
Geology Of The Hengchun Peninsula
Major Geologic Features Of Taiwan
Plate Tectonic Setting

:::Geology Of The Hengchun Peninsula
Introduction Stratigraphy Major structural features Geologic History
The Hengchun Peninsula is the narrow southernmost segment of the Central Range that forms the southern tip of the island of Taiwan. This peninsula is underlain mainly by Miocene rocks and capped here and there with Plio-Pleistocene and Recent sediments. The submetamorphic Miocene argillite and slate series exposed to the north (Lushan Formation) gradually changes into non-metamorphosed Miocene rocks toward the south, the contact being gradational and not tectonic. These non-metamorphosed Miocene rocks are exposed over much of the Hengchun Peninsula, and constitute the main topic of this chapter.

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